Sweet Virginia Breeze

Sweet Virginia Breeze

State Song Legislation
Senator Walter Stosch

Welcome to the official “Sweet Virginia Breeze” state song page. This page will serve as your informational gateway and an aid to navigating the legislative process. We are thrilled that Senator Walter Stosch has agreed to carry the bill and sincerely thank him for his support. The Senator is a long time, highly respected Senator who is a Co-Chair of the Senate Finance Committee. It just so happens that the Senator is also a music lover and feels strongly that “Breeze” should be the song that represents our great Commonwealth. This is not the first time the song has been in the process. In 1998 an effort was made to pick a song and there were no clear winners. Fast forward to today, the sentiment is we need to try again.

When the topic came up for this session I could not let a song process take place without Robbin Thompson and Steve Bassett being represented. Over the years as Robbin’s long time partner at In Your Ear and with Steve Bassett as a close family friend I have seen them perform the song countless times and have witnessed the many uses and variations of the song. Steve and Robbin have generously allowed the song to be used by state agencies such as Va. Tourism, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and the Virginia Department of Taxation. Steve and Robbin have played the song for several Governor‘s Inaugural Galas, The State Bar Association, The Southern Governor’s Conference, numerous charitable organizations and other state functions such as the visit by the Queen of England. One unnamed Governor even played on one of Steve’s albums!!!! If these items don’t qualify to make it the state song I can’t imagine what does!!! As you will see from the various audio and video clips included on this page the song can be utilized in many settings. It is important to note that, if chosen, the state song must be able to be performed by choirs, school bands and other groups easily. It’s ability to do that is borne out by the clips you view through this page.

Your part in the legislative process is simple. Press the “Who’s My Legislator” button on this page, find your Delegate and Senator and contact both of them. Tell them you are a constituent and “Breeze” needs to be the state song. Make sure they understand your passion because this is not going to be an easy process. If you feel compelled, you may visit the General Assembly building and tell them in person. Be nice and keep your visit short.

We will keep you posted on our progress. You are free to post on social media networks or Robbin or Steve’s Facebook pages and sing your praises for the song.

We can make a grassroots effort happen to make Sweet Va. Breeze the state song. Many have said, and I agree, that “Sweet Virginia Breeze” is the “ad hoc” state song today. I say: Let’s make it official this General Assembly session!!!

Thank you for your support.

Terry L. Stroud
In Your Ear Music

Sweet Virginia Breeze

By Steve Bassett & Robbin Thompson

I woke up this morning
The breeze blowing across my face
I just had to look up above and thank somebody for this place
Because He must have been have been thinking 'bout me when
He planted that very first dogwood tree
It's where I want to be living in the sweet Virginia breeze

Take me out to the country
I feel mighty good out there
But when I get back to the city of the monuments
It just doesn't matter where I hang my hat It's home to me
The Blueridge Mountains tend to set me free
It's where I want to be
Living in the sweet Virginia breeze
The sweet Virginia breeze

It wakes me up in the morning
And rocks me to sleep at night
You've got a red bird sitting on your window sill
You know everything will be all right
Living in the sweet Virginia breeze
The sweet Virginia breeze

Well, sitting on my back porch I'm just watching the sun come up
The sweet, sweet Virginia breeze is blowing ripples 'cross my coffee cup
He must have been have been thinking 'bout me
When He planted that very first dogwood tree
And when that breeze starts blowing through the trees
You know everything will be all right
I'm living in the sweet Virginia breeze
The sweet Virginia breeze

Performances of Sweet Virginia Breeze